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Trudys Brides and Trudys Special Occasion Prom and Bridesmaids Dresses


Shopping During Covid: What To Expect!


The safety of our customers and our stylists is our number one priority. With this in mind, Trudys Brides, Trudys Special Occasion, Prom and Bridesmaids have established new protocols and procedures in accordance with the regional guidelines provided by the state of California, county of Santa Clara, to keep everyone safe while shopping during COVID-19 pandemic. These protocols will remain in effect until further notice.

We are lucky to have the space we do, as our 10,000 sq. ft store will provide adequate space for social distancing between guests and their parties, and other customers. To keep our boutique well below the required 50% capacity, encourage social distancing and continue to provide a good shopping experience, we at Trudys have taken extra precautions outlined in a list below:

- We have stepped up cleaning and disinfecting the store before we open, between brides and before we close. 

- Hand sanitizers are available throughout the store.

- Masks are required by all customers and stylists when entering the store, and must be kept on while shopping in store, except to drink water or take a quick photo. If you do not have a mask, a disposable mask can be provided. 

- We have limited the number to guests per appointment and limited our appointment sections to half, as to encourage social distancing between parties.

- We do not allow food, eating and the opening of champagne in store or during the appointment. Make sure to make a reservation to celebrate after the appointment at the many outdoor restaurants available in The Pruneyard in Campbell. 

Please reschedule your appointment if you are experiencing symptoms, have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive or is experiencing symptoms. For paid Saturday or Sunday appointments, we will be happy to reapply the appointment fee for a later date.

What to do before your Appointment?


Dress shopping during COVID-19 requires a little more prep work than under normal circumstances. Here are a few things before you head over.


- Read about our precautions outlined below to be prepared before your shopping experience at Trudys.


- Shopping for a wedding dress is by appointment only. Appointments are now highly recommended for Special Occasion, Mothers and Bridesmaids parties. But please call us directly for same day appointments or walk-ins as we may be able to accommodate you. Send in your Appointment Request online or call the store directly at 408.377.1987.


- Appointments will be limited to the Bride +4 guests. We have 1 station that can accommodate up to +8 guests but are very limited, so call first to confirm.

- Bring a small support group! Trudys provides wifi to Zoom or FaceTime with members of your party that are unable to make it, or to keep your number of guests small.

- Do your research! It may be a very different experience shopping with a mask on but to make it easier, and make best use of the appointment time, please bring in your dream dress vision and make sure to browse our wedding dress collections on the website. (Note: Our website includes the designers' entire collection. Our store has over 1500 dresses but can not carry all dresses by every designer listed.)


- Know your budget! Come in with a budget in mind, but know that while trying on dresses it may need to change, depending on the style you end up loving.


- Are you immunocompromised? Request a weekday appointment as we are at less than 30% capacity or request a private weekday appointment before normal business hours. Please call us directly for more information and availability.


What to do during your Appointment?


- All customers entering the store must use the provided hand sanitizer when they first walk in.  

- Come in and check in! In order to not crowd the lobby area, please check in at the front desk first before waiting outside with your party and your stylist will take you to your section.

- Each appointment is an hour and a half and will be assigned 1 stylist to discuss the bride’s wedding details, vibe, and dream dresses, and help bring in dresses for try on.

- Bride and all guests are requested to stay seated in their section for the duration of the appointment, to minimize contact between parties.

- Wear a mask! In addition to shape-wear, undergarments and heels that you would bring to a regular appointment, masks are required by all customers and stylists when entering the store, and must be kept on while shopping in store, except to drink water or take a quick photo. 

- Ask about delivery dates. Because of the pandemic, we can't rely on the typical dress shopping timeline. Some manufacturers are open, while some are temporarily closed, and others are working at a slower pace because of COVID-19. Therefore, you should always ask your stylist about estimated delivery dates and plan to find your dress as soon as possible.

Quick wear date?

2021 wedding or still planning your date and venue? Why shop around during COVID! Come to Trudys. We have a large store and an extensive selection of dresses and designers. Our expert stylists are here to help so be prepared to Say yes to your dress on the first visit. We recognize that the shopping experience will be different, but we will do our best to help make it a happy and memorable one.


Thank you all for your continued support of our local business during this very difficult time, and we look forward to working with you soon!

- Trudys

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