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Special Occasion Dress Codes

There are plenty of times where you will get invited to an event in your early adult years and have no idea what to wear.  What is the difference between Black Tie Attire and Optional Black Tie Attire? Why did they add the optional? What in the world is White Tie Attire? Dress codes can seem complicated but we're here to simplify them for you and cover the basics.

Trudy's Dresses located in Campbell, CA offers an array of options for each of these dress codes and we've picked a few out for you! Here are some special dresses for your special events:


White Tie

White Tie Attire is the most formal of all special occasion dress codes.  There are strict guidelines to follow for this one, but no need to stress: we'll give you the ground rules! You will want to look refined and sophisticated so look for gowns with little exposed skin and a full skirt.  Unlike many of the other dress codes, it is best to stay with the traditional designs and steer clear of the trendy looks.



This Jovani dress has the perfect amount of glam.  The fabric is thick which is common for most White Tie gowns and the ruffle skirt adds that unique detail to this simple sweetheart style.



A one-shoulder wonder! Some find it difficult to find those funky details in most White Tie accurate attire.  This Jovani dress has the perfect amount of pizazz while still keeping that thick fabric, sophisticated gown look.



Black Tie

Ah Black Tie Attire. The most commonly known and a crowd favorite.  While floor length gowns are still the norm, you're able to have a little bit of fun with them!  While you still want to keep the sophisticated look, you do not need to look as conservative as you would with White Tie Attire. Black is the safest color to wear to these events, but that does not mean you'll look plain! Here are a couple of examples of Black Tie Attire:



This JVN by Jovani gown is perfect for making an entrance while still keeping the simple and stylish look that we all love.  The sweetheart neckline and front slit add some skin exposure and the beading and jewels act as your built in jewelry - so you can keep it simple with all the other wrist/neck/ear candy!



This Jovani dress is a beautiful white option for your next Black Tie event.  With an exaggerated shoulder detail and high front slit detail this gown has those gorgeous additions to a simple, sleek design.  


Creative Black Tie

Creative Black Tie dress code allows you to add the funk to those gowns that you love! While it's always a safe bet to stick with floor length when you see "Black Tie," this dress code allows you to also test the trends.  Creative Black Tie is usually part of a theme, but here are some options to give you an idea of what kind of dresses work:



This Jovani dress... is the two-piece of all two-pieces!  The ruffle and off shoulder trends are prominent with this one and they're the perfect addition to these subtle neutral colors.



Another two-piece because what's more fun than that? This La Femme gown has a beautiful texture and lace detail that any girl will love.    


Black Tie Optional

The last Black Tie and probably most stressful of all dress codes.  No need to fret, Black Tie Optional is exactly what you make of it.  It's best to play it safe with dark colors and mid to long skirts.  You still want to look fancy and formal, this one is just much less strict! Nonetheless, you'll still want to be the best dressed in the room and here are some ways to do just that:



The velvet fabric adds the sophistication to this JVN by Jovani midi dress. Sexy and sleek, you can't go wrong with this design.



This Faviana maroon dress is perfect for any skin tone.  The off shoulder detail and sweetheart neckline adds form flattery and comfort while still looking glamorous




Cocktail Attire will probably be the one that you will run into the most! You have the most freedom here but its definitely common to keep the dresses above the knee. Whether your dress is black, white, colorful, sparkly, or even a two piece combo it will be accepted in this dress code.



Can you say, "most fun print EVER?" With subtle zebras and palm trees in a not-so-tacky-tropical color, this Jovani Mini Dress will be turning heads at your next cocktail event.  Jovani offers an array of different dresses with a similar style to this that would be perfect for a party! Check them out our Jovani Homecoming Collection for more.



This off-shoulder Ellie Wilde dress is perfect for you gals that love simple details on a minimalistic design.  You'll shine when you walk across the room with these jeweled bell sleeves! And the detached arms make this a fidget-proof option.. and who doesn't love that?




Last but certainly not least, is our personal favorite attire; festive!  This dress code usually makes an appearance around the holidays and what better way to spread the holiday cheer with a little (or maybe a lot of) sparkle!



This beautiful ornament-esque La Femme dress is the perfect fit n' flare! The sweetheart neckline adds that sexy touch to an otherwise girly design.



This Scala design is the perfect sparkle for all ages.  The neutral color tones down the sequins while still keeping that flashy but classy dress look.   Want to find a dress for your next event? Shop all of our styles Trudy's Dresses online or at our showroom in Campbell. CA!

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