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Prom 2018 - Seize the Moment

Prom 2018 - Seize the Moment

When prom is one night of your life and there are thousands of dresses, styles and colors to choose from, its understandable that you want to play the field, test out a variety and be SURE with your decision. I promise, we get it. We want to be just as happy as you with your purchase.

But, when you find yourself in a beautiful gown that flatters your form, captures your confidence and makes you want to strut! your! stuff! (*cue Beyonce*), Trudys Prom has a suggestion for you:

Seize the moment, girlfriend!

Dont hesitate on making a purchase when youve found what works. We would hate for one of the following to occur:

The Dress Sell Out

Prom is an unique, individual experience for you and a thousand other high school girls. Everyone is shopping for the best gowns, and top designers like Sherri Hill, Jovani, Faviana and Scala only carry so many of each style. Lock down your look early on to ensure you get the best quality fabric, the color you want and the dream dress you desire.

Someone Else From Your School Purchases It

Oh, heck no. Imagine the agony of seeing YOUR dress on a classmate. Its a disservice to the dress to let it be worn by someone else, honestly. Its your look claim it, love it, flaunt it.

Delayed Delivery

When you order online, theres quite a path between the moment you click purchase and when its safely in your hands. While we do our very best to make sure this goes without flaw, hiccups happen. Spend your final, pre-prom days accentuating, accessorizing and admiring, not stressing.


This is another spot where unforeseen set-backs can occur. The closer it gets to prom, the harder it will be to book an alteration appointment. Plus, while seamstresses do amazing work, your dress is just one of hundreds waiting on a rack with stitches pinned in it. Early purchase means early alterations, and that means your dress, peacefully hanging in your closet, ready to roll.

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Prom 2018 is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Dont let minor, easily avoidable blips jade what could potentially be an AMAZING night. Start your dress hunt early and when youve found what youre looking for,

take a deep breathe

trust your gut

and make the purchase.

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